Social Media in the Public Sector

"What they choose to say and the way they are perceived is of great importance – they are the people who lead us after all. Governments carefully need to consider what they use their social media pages for and what purpose it may have."


Social Media in Not-for-Profits

"I’ve supported various not-for-profit organisations for a number of years now.... Social media in any organisation – including not for profits is important for a variety of reasons."

Distracted by Distractions

"It’s 2017. The amount of technology we have in todays society is changing on a rapid scale and new software, programs and apps are continually being developed...... I only have to scroll through my phone to see accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all calling my name..."

Blabbing about Blogging

"People write blogs to share their stories or share about something they are passionate about, whether to share experiences with the topic or to teach the reader more about it. Whatever the reason a person writes a blog, over the past 15-20 years we have seen the idea of blogging grow, and it is more and more commonly used both personally and commercially to share content with a variety of people."

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