Blabbing about Blogging

When I used to think about blogging, all I could see it as was an online diary. Something someone wrote to tell the world about their personal lives, sharing their stories and experiences in the world. This may have well been the way that it started out back in the ‘90s when blogging first began, but over time we have seen the world of blogging evolve to what it is today, being used by many people and organisations to share their voice with the world.

People write blogs to share their stories or share about something they are passionate about, whether to share experiences with the topic or to teach the reader more about it. Whatever the reason a person writes a blog, over the past 15-20 years we have seen the idea of blogging grow, and it is more and more commonly used both personally and commercially to share content with a variety of people. In business, we see it being used both inside and outside the organisation for various purposes.

Inside the organisation
Inside organisations blogging can be used for a variety of purposes from team training to encouraging and boosting morale of staff/volunteers. An organisation I am involved with writes a blog with posts made regularly. Their website is password protected to ensure it is only able to be read by people with permission to read their postings. Postings vary along with who writes the content. Often it is used for training purposes, with senior members of the team writing posts to teach those in their designated area what they should be doing or tips to improve on what they’re already doing. The ability of the team to comment on the blog posts means that any questions that a person may have on the training can be answered by a senior member of the team as well. Other postings made include statistics/achievements made by the organisation so that those in the team can see how far we’ve come, and our vision for the future. These postings keep everyone updated on where we’re at as an organisation and where we want to go so we’re all on the same page.

Outside the organisation
Writing posts for the public is also useful for organisations, and involve things such as promoting an organisation or informing the public on events/products/promotions by the organisation. Even a major company like Coca-Cola has their own blog (Unbottled). Their blog includes postings on new drink flavours launched across the world, various organisations and events they are involved in sponsoring, or even the valuation of collectable coke memorabilia (yes that is actually a thing!). Blog postings have a comment section below for the public to voice their opinions, and the ability to share postings to other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Whether a blog is made private or public, for personal or commercial use, there is no argument that the blog has evolved rapidly over the past few years, and is continuing to be a major area of social media used by many. Where it’s original design was to be used as an online journal/diary, we now see it taking shape and being used widely in business to achieve various goals and for the promotion of an organisation. The importance of the utilization of a well-maintained blog in business should not be underestimated, and could be the one thing that gives a competitive edge of your business from the rest in the market.

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